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Miniature Paper Art

These paper figurines give life to plain boring paper. These paper sets come to us from People Too, and are created by Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich with help from their cat. They use a wide range of knives, tweezers, scissors, wire, and many other tools to create these stunning sets. They have created many[…]


Miniature Train Set

by Cyle
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This train set comes to us from two brothers in Germany and is known as the Miniatur Wunderland. It is not yet completed, but is expected to be completed by 2014. Scroll down to see some pictures, info, and videos on Miniatur Wunderland. This is the world’s biggest train set.It covers 12,380 square feet (1,150[…]


World’s Largest Model Airport

by Cyle
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Knuffingen Airport, based on Hamburg’s airport in Germany, is now open to the public after it took 6 years to complete. It features 90 vehicles that actually move around automatically and 40 aircraft that even take off. Making something this small and in perfect detail wasn’t cheap, costing around 5 million dollars (USD) to create.[…]

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