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Garage Door Illusions

Garage Door Illusions

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Fix up your boring garage door with a decal from German company Style your Garage. You may need to warn the authorities before you put some of these up so they don’t rush to your house for thinking you are hiding a fighter jet in your garage.

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John Pugh

3D Wall Paintings by John Pugh

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These photos are of work done by John Pugh. Pugh paints murals on walls of buildings that give the illusion of being 3D. Not only is the mural an illusion but there is such great detail in the smaller pieces of the painting!

“I have found that the “language” of life-size illusions allow me to communicate with a very large audience. It seems almost universal that people take delight in being visually tricked. Once captivated by the illusion, the viewer is lured to cross an artistic threshold and thus seduced into exploring the concept of the piece.” -John Pugh

Siete Punto Uno – Los Gatos, California

Los Gatos suffered the most significant damage from the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.
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