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by Cyle
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I have created a new wordpress plugin, but this is also available without wordpress (see below). It is my first public plugin. I have made several other, but just for my use. This is a plugin that adds tabs to either side of your page and float there as the page is scrolled. The tabs[…]


Create The Ultimate USB Rescue Drive

by Cyle
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Ever been at a friends house and needed to edit a photo, but all they have is MS Paint? Or have you ever been at grandmas and she asks you to remove the hundreds of viruses and spywares (she got from clicking the “You’ve won! Download this for your prize” banners), but she has no[…]


Google’s +1 Button In Detail

by Cyle
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A few months ago Google released its +1 button. It is much like Facebook’s “like” button. The button influences search results, mainly on your friends. If one of your friends +1’ed a site then you will likely see it in Google search results as “John Doe +1’ed page” and it will be a higher ranked[…]


Progressive and Interlaced Images + Converter

by Cyle
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Deciding between progressive and interlaced images on your web site can be a tough decision. Some people have a preference when viewing pages, while some just want to be able to see the image faster. Below are the differences and at the bottom is a converter that converts progressive images to interlaced. Progressive Images Progressive[…]


HTML Optgroup Tag

by Cyle
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The optgroup tag is not known to many developers. Basically the tag adds a header or category title to your drop down lists. It is very helpful when used in forms and you need to categorize items in your drop down menus. The optgroup tags are not selectable themselves and only serve as a header[…]

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