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Folding Money Origami

Maybe if your money was a form of art if it would encourage you to hold onto it and not spend it. Here are some examples of origami using dollar bills. Hasegawa Yosuke folds the dollars so that the faces are the center and gives them different hats and costumes. There are many many more[…]


Dangerous Jobs?

Here are a couple photos from Jean-Yves Lemoigne where she shows how simple and safe jobs can become extremely dangerous given the right circumstances.


Leaf Carvings

by Cyle
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A new art coming out of China is leaf carving. This art is very tedious to create. The artist starts by scraping the top layer of the leaf off while leaving the veins in for support. For $25 you can have one of these for yourself (from here).


Resonate Art

by Cyle
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SI Scott is the creator of these beautiful animals. Check out his page for more of his work.


Stunning WWII Air Art Work

by Cyle
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B17 NINE-O-NINE – Steve HeyenB17G-30-BO of the 323rd Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group encounters home defense Me109s over Germany in 1944.

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