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Shadow Sculptures

Shadow Sculptures by Noble and Webster

by Cyle
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Tim Noble and Sue Webster transform scrap metal and debris into silhouettes of themselves. Without the light these would just be a sculpture of metal, and without the metal it would be nothing but a light beam on a wall, but when Noble and Webster combine the two an amazing shadow sculpture appears.


Papercut Artwork by Eiko Ojala

by Cyle
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This is an impressive collection of artwork by Estonian designer Eiko Ojala. Some of his work is done by cutting paper, and some is just sketched. Can you tell a difference? Check out more at his website.


Light Sculptures by Diet Wiegman [38 pics]

If find one of Diet Wiegman’s sculptures you may think it is just a pile of junk, but soon realize that is not the case when you shine light through it. Wiegman has been creating these amazing shadow sculptures for over 50 years. You can see more of his work on his personal website: […]


Book Art (12)

Book Art

by Cyle
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Robert The created these works of art out of books he found in dumpsters and at thrift stores. He has two series. One is ‘Book Guns’ and the other is ‘Book Works’.


Staple Paintings

Baptiste Debombourg created these two wall murals with only staples. He created them for a series called ‘Aggravure’. ‘Aggravure III’ is a mural picturing many nude men which consists of over 450,ooo staples. His other work of art features only one man and called ‘Air Force One’, consisting og 35,000 staples.

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