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Dog Shaming At It’s Best [55 funny photos]

by Cyle
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I find these to be hilarious, but maybe it’s just because I have dogs that behave exactly like some of these and need to be shamed!


Back to the Future [50+ Photos of the Same Picture, Years Apart]

by Cyle
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Irina Werning brings us these great photos. They are photos taken of people doing the same exact thing or pose as they did several years ago. In many of these the backgrounds, circumstances, or even appearance has changed. If you want to check out more visit Irina’s site and view the Back To The Future[…]


World's Best Father (64)

World’s Best Father (65 Hilarious Photos)

Dave Engledow created these hilarious photos of what it takes to be the World’s Best Father. Dave has a degree in photojournalism from the University of Texas at Austin, and says he really started taking photos when his daughter was born in December 2010. Dave said he does not actually let his daughter, Alice Bee,[…]


Loose Leashes (12)

Loose Leashes [70 Very Creative Dog Portraits]

by Cyle
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Ron Schmidt brings us these witty portraits from his online shop where he sells all of these prints. Whether you love dogs or not, these will surely bring a smile to your face. Ron went into professional photography in celebrity and fashion. He stumbled into his calling of dog portraits when he made a[…]


Ant Tales (71)

Ant Tales

Andrey Pavlov is a Russian artist who made this awesome photo album called ‘Ant Tales’. He photographs these choreographed ants in many scenes, most of them being quite humorous. Click here for more in his ‘Ant Tales’ series.

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