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Inside Insides by Andy Ellison

by Cyle
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Andy Ellison, an MRI technologist at Boston University Medical School, runs a Philips 3 Tesla MRI for research. He scanned all of these fruits and plants with the MRI machine. We all know what’s inside these fruits because we have all cut into them, but it is still awesome to see inside of them without[…]


Brilliant Ads (29)

Extremely Creative Advertisements

It’s no wonder some companies pay so much money on graphic designers for advertisements. They do it so their product will stick in your head. Some of these are hilarious, but all are brilliant!  


Book Art

by Cyle
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These pictures come to us from Isaac G. Salazar. It is amazing how he can create words and images out of the end of a book just by folding the pages. It is like a multipage origami.


Antique Adding Machines

Before the digital era calculations were done mechanically. Kevin Twomey opened some of these old adders up to photograph them. It’s amazing how today all of that can fit in something smaller than a penny! Check out a video about how one of these works at the bottom.


Untangle This Mess of Wires

by Cyle
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It starts off with 1 then 2 then dozens and next thing you know you have hundreds of wires and can’t tell which goes where. Below are some pictures of cable messes. Check out the bottom for a quick video of a cable rack being detangled.

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