Papercut Artwork by Eiko Ojala

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This is an impressive collection of artwork by Estonian designer Eiko Ojala. Some of his work is done by cutting paper, and some is just sketched. Can you tell a difference? Check out more at his website.


eiko_ojalak4 eiko_ojalak3 eiko_ojalak2 eiko_ojalak1 eiko_ojalaj92 eiko_ojalaj91 eiko_ojalaj9 eiko_ojalaj8 eiko_ojalaj7 eiko_ojalaj6 eiko_ojalaj5 eiko_ojalaj4 eiko_ojalaj3 eiko_ojalaj2 eiko_ojalaj1 eiko_ojalai4 eiko_ojalai3 eiko_ojalai2 eiko_ojalai1 eiko_ojalah2 eiko_ojalah1 eiko_ojalag5 eiko_ojalag4 eiko_ojalag3 eiko_ojalag2 eiko_ojalag1 eiko_ojalaf3 eiko_ojalaf2 eiko_ojalaf1 eiko_ojalae3 eiko_ojalae2 eiko_ojalae1 eiko_ojalad1 eiko_ojalac3 eiko_ojalac2 eiko_ojalac1 eiko_ojalab5 eiko_ojalab4 eiko_ojalab3 eiko_ojalab2 eiko_ojalab1 untitled

These images are not mine and are copyright of the respective author.

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