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by Cyle
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I hate snakes, and I think they are gross, but photographer Mark Laita makes these reptiles look beautiful in his Serpentine collection. Believe it or not, but Mark got bitten by a black mamba, which are 100% fatal, and did not even know it until the next day. He was taking pictures of the snake and didn’t realize he was bit until he got the pictures developed the next day. Lucky for Mark it was a dry bite (no venom injected) or he would have been dead.


Black Mamba Bite

Pit Viper


King Cobra


Black Pakistan Cobra


Timber Rattlesnake


Red-Taled Boa Constrictor


Blue Malaysian Coral Snake


Vogel’s Pit Viper


Brazilian Rainbow Boa Constrictor


Black Mexican Kingsnake


King Cobra


Emerald Tree Boa with Babies




Albino Western Diamondback Rattlesnake


Rhinocerus Viper


Green Vine Snake


Chinese Mountain Viper


Mangshen Viper


Speckled Kingsnake


Albino Black Pastel Ball Python


Rosy Boa


Coral Snake


Philippine Pit Viper


Inland Taipan




Eastern Brown Snake


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  1. Justin says:

    I love his work! He really captures the beauty of these animals like no other.

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