A Link To The Past [50 pics]

by Cyle
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These amazing pictures really link the present with the past. They are half present and half past WW2 experiences. It really shows how different things are during a war. Most of these are from Russia in World War IIThese pieces of art were done by Sergey Larenkov and he is constantly adding new ones so be sure to check out his blog journal. Each picture has a story and many more pictures describing the event that took place in the photos. If you need his page translated to English, here is the link. Be sure to click on an image to have it blown up and at better resolution.

1941/2011 – Peterhof Fountain Oak

1941/2011 – Church of the Great Palace of the Upper Park


1943/2011 – Church of the Grand Palace


1941-2011 – Pushkin Catherine Palace after the fire


1941/2011 – Cast iron gates Nikolaev. German road signs at the entrance to the park


1944/2010 – Prisoners on Moskovsky Avenue


1942/2011 – Cathedral Street


1941/2011 – Blockade of Leningrad


1941/2012 – Prospect Strikes. Advocates go to the front. City prepared for street fighting.


1910s/2010 – Vyborg, Russian Empire


1945/2010 – Soviet soldiers in the Imperial Palace Hoffburg


1941/2009 – Gorkogo / Tverskaya Street. Moscow is preparing for defense.


1945/2010 – Destroyed tank “Tiger” in the Tiergarten park in Berlin.


1941/2009 – Trolleybuses in Moscow


1945/2010 – Senior Lieutenant Vladimir makes a sketch of the fountain with a statue of Athena in front of Parliament.


1945/2010 – Soldier-winner. He walked to victory four years, he lost many comrades, Berlin.


1942/2010 – Siege of Leningrad


1945/2010 – Sad soldier, Berlin.


1945/2010 – Battle of the subway station Frankfurter Allee, Berlin.


June 6, 1944/2010 – D-Day, Normandy. The landing of American marines on Omaha Beach. The monument on the place of landing.


June 6, 1944/2010 -D-Day, Normandy. The landing of American marines on Omaha Beach.


1942/2010 – Borovaya 26. Now there are mini-hotels in Saint Petersburg.


1940/2010 – German cavalry on the Avenue Foch.


1942/2010 – Defenders of the city at the hotel Astoria.


1942/2010 – The soldiers at the monument of Nikolay I.


1942/2010 – Unfinished naval cruiser on the Neva River at the Admiralty Embankment.


1944/2010 – St Petersburg, Mikhailovsky Theatre.


1941/2010 – Moscow, Mayakovsky Square,the Triumphal Square


1942/2010 – Moscow Ave, 5th Red Army. St Petersburg


1939/2011 – Soviet-Finnish War. Destroyed railway bridge in Terijoki / Zelenogorsk,


1945/2010 – Germany, the city of Forst. The offensive of the 1st Ukrainian Front.


1945/2010 – Victory Day, Berlin


1945/2010 – Berlin


1945/2010 – Storming the Reichstag


1941/2010 – Moscow. Great Bridge Ustinsky


1941/2010 – Moscow. Hotel National


1941/2010 – The defense of Moscow.


1944/2010 – Paris uprising. Barricade on the quay. Grand Augustin.


1941/2009 – Defense of Moscow. Anti-tank obstacles.


1941/2010 – Defense of Moscow. Citizens of Moscow are building barricades.


1942/2010 – St.Petersburg, Kronverkskaya street.


1941/2010 – Moskow. Announcement about German attack. Start of the war.


1943/2011 – German military cemetery in the Catherine park.


1941/2011 – Nazi soldiers on the outskirts of Leningrad at the city trams.


1945/2010 – Steps of the Reichstag


1945/2010 – Victory Banner before sending it to Moscow.


1944/2011 – Berlin, Soviet artillery on the corner.


1945/2011 – Prague. Powder Tower. Population meets tanks liberators.


1945/2010 – Vienna, Infantry units moving to the city center.


1945/2010 – Traffic Director near the Brandenburg Gate.


1941/2011 – The Grand Palace at Peterhof. Nazis at the burning palace.


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