Unbelievable Anamorphic Illusions [64 pics]

These illusions are made by Felice Varini, a Swiss artist born in 1952. Most of his paintings take him and his team about a week to complete and usually contain geometric shapes. His canvas is nature and buildings.

“When I begin to paint I never think about the viewer. The viewer does not affect the way I start the work. The viewer will become part of the work once it is done and he can watch the painting.[…] Everyone knows how a circle or a square looks like. My concern is what happens outside the vantage point of view. Where is the painting then? Where is the painter? The painter is obviously out of the work, and so the painting is alone and totally abstract, made of many shapes. The painting exists as a whole, with its complete shape as well as the fragments; it is not born to create specific shapes that need to satisfy the viewer.” -Felice Varini
































































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  1. These are absolutely incredible. I cannot believe I haven’t ever seen anamorphic illusions before.

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