Cool Mind Blowing Optical Illusions

by Cyle
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These illusions are incredible. I swear some of them are moving when they are not! It is amazing how the brain perceives something that is not really there.

Which horizontal line is longer?
The left side looks longer, but in fact they are equal length. Don’ believe us? Hold a piece of paper up and measure it. This is known as a Müller-Lyer Illusion

Parallel Lines
The Cafe Wall Illusion was discovered by Dr Richard Gregory. The horizontal lines appear to be bent, but they are parallel straight horizontal lines.


Moving Circles
This illusion makes your brain think the outer circles are moving when they are not. Stare at the dot and move your head closer and farther from the screen.


This pattern is stationary, but yet it seems to expand, especially if you don’t look directly at it. For some reason not everyone perceives this illusion.


Spiral Circles
Known as the Fraser Spiral Illusion, this pattern’s overlapping black arcs appear to form a spiral; but, the arcs are simply a series of concentric circles.


Stepping Feet
This illusion uses color to make the two shapes appear as though they are stepping when actually they are moving at the same pace together.


Hering Illusion
The two red lines are perfectly straight and parallel. The mind is overestimating the angles at the points of intersection.


White’s Illusion
When a grey rectangle is mainly surrounded by black it will look lighter, but in this case the grey rectangles are the same shade of grey.


Blue vs. Green
The blue background is actually the same color all the way through, even though half looks green.


Last illusion zoomed in. We didn’t believe until we opened it in photoshop!


Spinning Silhouette
Whihch side of your brain is more dominant? Instead of concentrating on her chest, concentrate on the woman’s movement. If it appears she is spinning clockwise, that means you’re using the right side, or more creative side of your brain. If she appears to be moving counter-clockwise, then that means the left side, or more logical side of your think muscle is superior.


Which is longer
This is known as Jastrow Illusion. Both shapes are exactly the same size. Just the positioning can effect how the brain perceives size.


White Triangle
The Kanizsa Triangle was introduced by Gaetano Kanizsa, an Italian psychologist. The triangle is not drawn and the illusory triangle looks brighter than the background, even though there is no triangle drawn.


Turning Wheels
No, actually this image is perfectly still, your eyes are just playing tricks on you.


Smaller or Bigger
This is the Ebbinghaus Illusion. The orange circle on the left appears much smaller than the circle on the right, but they are in fact the same size.


Moving Humps
These humps appear to be moving, but of course they are not.


Grey Blobs?
This illusion is known as the Hermann Grid Illusion. If you stare at the black squares you will begin to see grey dots appear at the intersections.


Moving Squares
Nope not moving, just your eyes playing tricks on you again.


Illusory Contour Motion
The words and pattern appear to move horizontally, but they are not.


Read Over
Read this sign and see if you notice something wrong? Did you notice the double “the”?


Charlie Caplin in 3D
This mask appears to be 3d all the way around, but in fact one side protrudes out and the other in.


Connecting Lines
The Poggendorff Illusion illustrates how the brain can be tricked by the interaction of diagonal and horizontal lines. One assumes that the blue line is a continuation of the black line. However, on closer viewing it is actually the red line.


Parallel Lines
Yes, they are parallel.


Checkerboard Shadow
This is one of my favorite illusions. Although the square labeled “A” appears to be darker than the square labeled “B”, they are actually exactly the same shade of gray. I didn’t believe it, but Photoshop proved me wrong.


Green Dot
This is a Lilac Chaser also known as the pac-man illusion. Stare at the center circle and the spot where a circle is removed will begin to turn green. Keep staring and the purple dots will slowly disappear. You may need to move closer to the screen to get that effect.


This is found in virtually every psychology textbook in the world, the two monsters in this illusion are actually the same size. Your brain automatically adjusts images that it perceives to be distant in order to compensate for the fact that they are larger than they seem.


Creepy Almonds
These almonds appear to move and turn, but they are not.


Wavy Checkerboard
Just like the last illusion, this is not moving.


How many black dots?
Can you count the number of black dots? This illusion goes away the farther away you get or if you turn your head 45 degrees. This illusion is known as the Scintillating grid, and is a modification of the Hermann grid illusion.


Double Meaning
Can you see the two words in this image? Give up? Teach is one that I’m sure you saw, but did you see learn?


Happy Oboma
This is known as a Thatcher Illusion. When a face is turned upside down, but the features (mouth, eyes, etc.) remain right side up, our mind has a hard time distinguishing the difference.


Leaning Tower
Yes, the leaning tower does lean, but both of these images are exactly the same. The image on the right appears to lean more, but that is only because your brain assumes the one on the left is straight.


Three Prong Blivet
This is an example of an impossible object. Three circular prongs at one end become two rectangular prongs at the other. This is known as a Blivet.


Red Starfish
This is the chromatic Vasarely illusion. The only color used in this image is gray and blue. Our brain is just tricked into seeing red cross shapes.


Craig Tracey’s Art
This is not really an optical illusion, but is an art illusion. Can you tell where this is painted. What is the canvas he painted on.


Here it is revealed that Craig Tracey painted his tiger on 3 female bodies.


It almost looks like it was painted on a flat canvas, when all completed.



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