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As a developers, we often need to be logged into two accounts on the same site at the same time. For example, sometimes we need to be logged into the admin section of our sites, but test the members side as well. This means that you either run different browsers or keep deleting session cookies and keep logging in, which is a pain. Firefox shares the session cookies across all Firefox windows and tabs. To get around this we use different Firefox “profiles” and a “no-remote” command. All profiles in Firefox are completely separate, from toolbars to cookies and history. See the steps below to remedy our problem.


1. Create A New Profile

Run the command firefox -no-remote -ProfileManager in your run dialog box or wherever you execute commands. (For mac it is /Applications/Firefox.app/Contents/MacOS/firefox-bin –profilemanager)

This brings up the Profile Manager. Create a new profile and name it whatever you like. I used Session1.

2. Update Existing Shortcut

Right-click on your existing Firefox shortcut and choose properties. Add -no-remote to the end of the target path.

3. Create Your New Session Shortcut

Now create a shortcut for your other Firefox profile session by adding -no-remote -P Session1 to the end of the target path of the shortcut. If you named your profile something other than Session1, then it will need to be whatever you named it.



One very helpful tip is to create profiles for everything you do, like web development, check email, web testing, blogging, everyday, etc. This way you can have all your web development addons and plugins like FireBug and a Web Development Toolbar only on your web development profile. For email you do like I do and make gmail.com your homepage and have no addons or plugins or annoying toolbars. Then for blogging and web testing you could have different toolbars. For everyday you may have a search toolbar or just have google.com be your homepage. Even your wife could have her own with all her toolbars and saved passwords! You can have a separate shortcut for each profile or just have one shortcut with -no-remote -ProfileManager after the target path. If you do it with just one then the profile manager will open every time asking you which profile you want to use. Then just click what you are getting on to do and choose Start Firefox.

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