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Foodscapes is the combination of food and landscapes. It is landscapes made out of nothing but food and everyday kitchen items. British Photgrapher Carl Warner created these landscapes with just basic food ingredients found in a kitchen. Warner is said to spend hours and hours in a grocery store picking out only the best pieces of brocoli, peppers, fruits etc. to compose the landscape scenes. These masterpieces were created and will be used for an advertisement campaign for a supermarket chain in England. Click on an image to view it in full size (where you can actually see the foods).

The road is paved with cumin, peas hang from broccoli trees and cauliflower clouds adorn the sky with bread for mountains.


The “rocks” are made of bread, but, the ones on the bottom of the sea are cauliflower. To give the dimension of depth, the landscape is on a 3×3 foot table.


Rice, coconuts, several grains, and a sky made of cabbage make up this pastoral scene.


This one is made from lettuce leaves, rocks of sweet and red potatoes, canyon walls made of bread, and the sky of red cabbage.


This reddish sea on this beach scene at sunset is made up of salmon filets. The rocks are of potatoes and bread. And the small boat made of a green pea pod complete the scene.


Made up of several types of Grains and Mushrooms.


This plate makes the perfect rainbow behind a forest made up of legumes and potatoes.


Edible ingredients in this Italian-inspired rural scene include a lasagna cart, fields of pasta, a pine nut wall, mozzarella clouds, trees of peppers and chilies and a parmesan village.


Houses made of cheese, crates and baskets made of various pastas. The street is made up of legumes, and grains.


This Italian kitchen has many vegetables and pastas. The houses seen through the window are made of cheese.


At first sight, it’s hard to notice that the mountains are made up of bread.


The creativity is impresive: balloons made of fruit and legumes, trees of broccoli, rocks of poatoes, fields of corn and peppers, and a town made of cheese with a carrot tower.


In this mountain scene, bread sticks and cured ham slices are transformed into a carriage to be pushed down a path made of salami bordered by trees made bacon.


Ham for the sky, mountains and the river; Bread for rocks; Bread sticks for the house; And Salami for it’s roof.


Parma ham and breadsticks are fashioned into a sled which is pulled across a snow-covered road made from a selection of cold meats. While the trees are made up of wrapped bacon, and the house in the background is of bread sticks and more cold cuts.


This “thinking man” is made up of various legumes including broccoli, red cabbage, green peppers and a cucumber for the nose. The thought balloons are made up of potatoes.


An autumnal landscape made enirely out of breakfast cereals.


An underwater scene with coral made of broccoli, tropical fish made of various fruits and vegetables, and a pineapple island.


Featuring a chocolate locomotive that would have once graced the Barlow Shed, The Chocolate Express will journey from the station to Chocolate Unwrapped for Chocolate Week and then to the New York Chocolate Show.


The Chocolate Express is pictured at St Pancras International Station to mark the launch of his book “Carl Warner’s Food Landscapes”. The Chocolate Express is a a real-life landscape constructed entirely out of chocolate.


With rocks made of oyster shells and crab claws, boats made of marrows and asparagus, and a shining, slivery, slippery sea of fish.


Carl Warner, the mastermind behind foodscapes, hard at work.


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